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Are you struggling to prove your partner’s infidelity? Are you seeking details that could help with a fraud case? Then you might want to look at the services available through O&C Investigations. Based in the Ogden, Utah area, we’ve been providing private investigator services since our founding – and we’re confident that if you’re grappling with a delicate situation, we’ll be able to step in and offer much needed assistance. Our surveillance techniques are accurate, discreet, and time-tested, so you can have total peace of mind that everything is going to go smoothly once you bring us into the fold. These techniques are applicable across a wide range of situations, and if you’re seeking information for one reason or another, we have no doubt that we’ll be able to offer utility to you. The services that we’re currently making available to our customers in the region are listed below for your perusal:

  • Domestic and Infidelity
  • Missing Persons
  • Custody and Divorce Cases
  • Adoption Investigations
  • Insurance and Fraud
  • Civil Lawsuit Investigations

At O&C Investigations, we have a wealth of experience in managing delicate and sensitive situations – and as you can surely see from the above list, we’re able to help in all sorts of circumstances. Whether you need us to seek out missing persons, or you’re in the midst of a fierce divorce case and need assistance, we have you covered. Speak to our customer service team today if you need further information on our services, or if you’re unsure whether we’ll be able to help you with your situation. We’re only a phone call away.

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