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Missing Persons

detectives working in private agency and conducting an investigation

The term ‘missing persons’ can mean a lot of different things depending on the context. At O&C Investigations, we’ve sought out missing persons for a wide array of reasons in the past, and this has represented some of the most challenging work that we’ve dealt with. It’s possible to fall off the map very easily these days, but even so, we’re confident that we’ll be able to pinpoint the person in question’s location, and we can even deliver more in-depth information if that’s your preference. We aim to carry out these duties as quickly as possible, and naturally, you won’t have to break the bank to gain the use of this service – as is the case with all of our provisions. More information regarding our missing persons service is available below, or through our customer service team.


Escaping Easier than Ever

One of the difficulties that comes with missing persons cases nowadays is that it has become very easy to move out of sight. International travel is possible at very low prices, and there are more mechanisms in place to hide and change identities too. However, just because things have become more challenging, it doesn’t mean that we’re not up to the task. We have an extensive service history that demonstrates our capacity to find people quickly, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to handle any situation that you bring to us.


Leveraging Systems

To find missing persons in an efficient fashion, it’s important that we use as many of our techniques as we can. Generally speaking, if it’s proving troublesome to find somebody through one technique, they’ll show up through one of our other screening processes. We can make use of record systems, field observation, and identity change records – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll make sure that we carry out these procedures discreetly, and like all the other services that we offer, confidentiality is assured.


Variety of Application

Many people mistakenly believe that missing persons are only people that have gone AWOL because they’re trying to avoid the consequences of their previous actions – for example, trying to avoid making parental support payments. In fact, missing persons requests are very variable, and we’re able to help our customers with all sorts of circumstances. While it could be that you have a debtor hiding from you that needs tracking down, it could also be that a loved one has gone missing unexpectedly, or perhaps you’ve lost contact with a friend over the years, and you’re looking to find them and reconnect. We can help in all of these situations, and many more.


Legal Witnesses

It’s also worth noting that this service, provided by our private investigator teams, might be useful for tracking down witnesses in a legal case. The success or failure of your legal matter might hinge on this person’s testimony, which makes it eminently sensible to use a private detective service to track them down. Naturally, during such times, speed is of the essence – and we’ll do our utmost to find them without any undue delay.

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