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Insurance and Fraud

private detective with camera spying on city street

Insurance fraud, and fraud more generally speaking, is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in the United States – with increasing amounts of money lost due to false claims every year – and this is far from the victimless crime that the claimants would have you believe. This can be devastating for a private individual, and still very damaging for even larger insurance companies, so you cannot ignore the situation. At O&C Investigations, we provide high quality insurance and fraud investigation services – and we’re confident that if anything untoward or illegal is going on, we’ll be able to uncover the situation with swiftness and efficiency. Don’t give in and accept this criminal behavior, reach out to our customer service team to arrange an appointment – and we’ll begin taking steps to expose the fraudulent activity without any delay.


Lending Aid

When insurance fraud takes place, there are usually identifiable signs for the insurance companies in question. The problem is, even though there are telltale signs that somebody might be carrying out substantial insurance fraud, it doesn’t mean that it’s actually provable – and this is particularly true for insurance companies that don’t have the resources to follow up every single fraudulent indicator. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that you’re out of options. We provide private detective services that are more than capable of uncovering any fraudulent activity that is taking place. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars, so the cost of using our service is minimal in comparison.


Variety of Claims

Insurance fraud can be carried out using a wide range of situations and a number of different insurance types – it’s not just limited to one or two varieties or industries. In the past, we’ve helped our customers with fraudulent claims against health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, auto insurance – and that’s just a small selection of our past activities. Naturally, we’re equally happy taking on private investigator duties for any of these situations, and you can expect the same high quality results regardless of what you’re grappling with.


Discreet Surveillance

We always make sure that we carry out our investigative duties through discreet means, and that there’s no chance that the person being investigated will be able to discover our activities. There’s every reason to think that, if we’re found out during our investigations, the person in question might alter their behaviors to hide their fraudulent activities. We won’t allow that to happen, as it will ultimately undermine your case in a powerful way.


Reliable Service History

It can be difficult to pinpoint a private investigation service to use when you haven’t had any experience dealing with such matters before, that’s totally understandable. Fortunately, we can call upon an extensive service history that more than demonstrates our capabilities to look into these matters for you. We offer results, discretion, and affordability in one comprehensive service package. To get more information on what we’re offering, or to have any questions answered, speak to our customer service team on our main telephone line.

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