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Domestic and Infidelity

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At O&C Investigations, we’re determined to provide private investigator services for the personal matters of our customers – and this could ultimately prove pivotal in how you end up moving forward. If you suspect that your partner might be cheating on you, it can really tear your world apart – and not knowing what is really going on whilst suspecting that there’s a problem really plays havoc with your mental health. Of course, we also offer our personal investigator expertise for a range of other domestic situations – with each and every one of these services proving to be highly effective. More information regarding our domestic and infidelity services can be found just below, and our customer service team is standing at the ready if you have any questions that need answering.


Signs of Trouble

Generally speaking, if you’ve found yourself in an infidelity situation, there are usually some signs of trouble that you need to pay attention to. When people begin to spend more time away from home without explanation, or they’re particularly protective and secretive with their cell phone, then there’s a good chance that something might be going on. With that said, sometimes habit changes aren’t indicative of an infidelity situation – and that’s where the uncertainty creeps in. Without knowing the facts, it’s just conjecture. You can make sure that you know what’s really going on by using our infidelity investigation and surveillance service. Results are inevitable and guaranteed.


Pre-Marital Investigations

A lot of the time, we receive service requests from people who are entering into a marriage soon, or from people who have a family member in that situation. This should be a time for joyous celebration, but when there’s some uncertainty about whether somebody is being totally honest about who they are, things can get really difficult. Perhaps you have some concrete reasons to be concerned about their identity, or maybe you’re just acting in a cautious manner – whatever the reason, we’ll get to the bottom of the situation. If they’re hiding anything, we’ll be able to come up with the goods.


Discreet Surveillance

It’s always worth noting that each and every one of our private investigators understand the need to be discreet and to adhere to strict confidentiality. We understand how damaging it would be to you and your personal relationships, amongst other things, if it were to come to light that you were carrying out an investigation against a partner, friend, or member of your family. We’ll make sure that we don’t bring ourselves to light, and that no trace of our investigation is discoverable.


Range of Techniques

If you’re suspicious that your partner is cheating, or you have any other kind of domestic situation that requires an investigation, then our team has a range of techniques that we can call on to dig up information. From discreet surveillance and GPS tracking to phone data recovery, we have everything required to get the results that you’re searching for. Whether your suspicions were correct or wrong, you’ll have clarity after we’ve investigated.

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