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Custody and Divorce Cases

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Marriages start with a lot of hope and expectation, but the unfortunate truth is that they quite often end on terrible terms. When divorce and custody disputes rear their ugly heads, things can get pretty nasty. At O&C Investigations, we provide private detective services to help supply you with information that will aid you with your case. This is critically important because, generally speaking, allegations are usually flying around in the court room. We can help you to overcome these difficulties by offering up valuable information through the use of a private investigator. We’ll make sure that we discreetly uncover any lies or falsehoods being delivered by your ex-partner. If you have any questions regarding this service, our customer service team is able to answer your questions online or over the phone.


Bringing Out the Worst

Divorce proceedings are always highly emotional affairs. There’s a thin line between love and hate, and when a split takes place, tempers often flare. The bottom line is that, generally, these situations bring out the worst in people – and that’s dangerous. It’s quite possible that untrue allegations will be thrown at you by your ex-partner – and you need to be prepared to defend yourself, and even to go on the offensive. We can bring information to the table that might undermine their believability and credibility, whilst exposing any lies that they’ve been peddling since divorce proceedings began.


Signing Papers

A lot of people seem to forget that, when divorce takes place, it’s not always both parties that want the divorce to go ahead. Many times, people refuse to sign divorce papers because they want the marriage to endure, or because they want to punish their partner for trying to get away. In those cases, it’s not unusual for the person to try to disappear, to slow down proceedings. We can find where they are, and help you to get them to sign the legal documents that will allow the divorce to go ahead.


Critical Information

Divorces can often get very messy, and this is usually because there are a number of shared assets that need to be split up. Many married couples have houses together, and there might be a wide array of other expensive assets to think about too – shared bank accounts, furniture, and cars, for example. Who is entitled to what might be determined by previous financial behavior, and any hidden accounts that they have now. We’ll delve through the annals of past finances to uncover any wrongdoing, and if there’s anything being hidden from you now, it won’t stay that way for long.


Custody Disputes

If divorce proceedings are ugly, custody disputes are perhaps even worse. Losing custody of a child can be deeply traumatic, so it’s crucial that all the relevant information that might help you is on the table. We’ll look at your ex-partner’s general lifestyle, housing situation, drug and alcohol use, and even previous criminal record to make sure that the relevant authorities have all the available information – and in doing so, we’ll prevent your ex-partner from hiding the truth.

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