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Civil Lawsuit Investigations

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At O&C Investigations, we’re ready and waiting to provide the people across Ogden, Utah with civil lawsuit investigation services – and we’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the amount of evidence that we’re capable of coming up with that will help you to support your case. Civil lawsuits are highly variable, which means that the kind of evidence that you’ll be seeking out will also vary greatly – but this isn’t a major concern for us, we have extensive experience in this kind of private investigator work, and we have means and the experience to overcome any difficulties that are present to find the missing pieces of the puzzle. If you’re going to be handling a civil lawsuit, it’s important that you get all of the supporting evidence possible to help your case. We’re the number one mechanism in your locker for making sure this happens.


What is a Civil Lawsuit Investigation?

A civil lawsuit is where two parties have a private dispute where one side is presenting complaints that the other side failed to uphold a legal duty of theirs. The ‘harmed’ side generally asks for completion of the duty in question, or compensation for the failure that took place. One example of such a situation is a domestic accident. So, now that you know what a civil lawsuit is, what is a civil lawsuit investigation? This is where a private investigator assembles evidence pertinent to the case, and in can involve a wide range of collection mechanisms.


Civil Investigation Types

In the past, we’ve provided supportive civil lawsuit investigation expertise for a wide range of circumstances and situations. It’s not uncommon to seek out an investigator to help with personal injury claims, domestic accident lawsuits, domestic and abuse situations, worker compensation situations, and so much more. If you’re not sure whether our services will be applicable for your situation, you only need to speak to our customer service team for clarity. They’d be more than glad to help answer any of your questions.


Atypical Discovery

In a lot of civil litigation, the problem that you have is that typical discovery procedures are only able to come up with limited evidence and information. This means that you could be missing out on critical evidence that could shift the case in your favor. So, what do you do? You reach out to a civil lawsuit investigator. Our private detective service can help you find information in a legal and accurate manner, and the difference it could make to your case is simply staggering.


Discovery Mechanisms

You might be wondering how we go about discovering the evidence and information that is relevant to your civil lawsuit, and that’s understandable. We use surveillance techniques to find new witnesses and carry out interviews, conduct computer forensics, perform background checks, establish relationships between involved parties, and so much more. The exact kind of work that we carry out will be determined by the kind of case that we’re dealing with.

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