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Adoption Investigations

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At O&C Investigations, we’re happy to provide adoption investigation services that will help you to find out more information about your biological family, and even connect with family members. There are several reasons that you might want to reach out to your biological family, but for one reason or another, this might prove very difficult. Many adoptions are carried out in such a way that information is hidden from both parties – and this is done with protection in mind – so it’ll likely be a considerable struggle to establish contact on your own. Additionally, using a private detective service has the benefit of being able to assess the situation with a cool head. We’ve helped hundreds of people with the discovery of their biological families in the past, so you’re in very good hands if you choose our private investigator service.


Finding Biological Family

Many people that get adopted end up with a new family that give everything that they need, going far beyond the physical necessities like shelter and food – but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t reasons that you might want to get in contact with your biological family. We’re proud to provide a service that makes this possible. We’ll make sure that we’re using accurate identities (since your current name might be different from your birth name), then track and trace down your biological family. Once we’ve ascertained their location, we’ll build up additional information about them to give you as much of a clear picture as possible.


Building Relationships

A lot of the time, people who were adopted want to seek out their biological family because they’re looking to establish a relationship of some kind. For many people, there is a hole that can only be filled by this kind of familial relationship, and alternatives simply don’t exist. Of course, building a relationship with your biological family isn’t easy to do if you don’t even know who they are, or where they live. Our service gives you the information that makes it possible to establish contact and get the ball rolling.


Health Issues and Concerns

Another reason that you might want to seek out your adoptive family is to learn about your own inherited physiological situation. Many conditions and vulnerabilities are hereditary, and some of these are serious enough that it could have a lifechanging impact on you. We’ll help you to uncover the location of your biological family, and give you their contact information, so that you can find as much information about your own biology as possible. This kind of clarity is simply invaluable.


Making Contact

We’re known for our adherence to confidentiality and discretion, and this might be particularly important to you if you’re trying to make contact with your biological family. By making sure that they don’t know about our investigative procedures, we’re ensuring that you will be able to make first contact on your own – if that’s your preference. Naturally, if you’d prefer for us to make contact first, we’re able to do that as well.

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