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Private Investigator

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There are many difference circumstances where a private investigator service might be required – and these aren’t usually the best of times. If you’re in the midst of a tumultuous divorce, you’re fighting for custody of your children, or you suspect infidelity is taking place with your partner, then you can’t just sit around and wait for the worst to happen.

You need to be proactive, and make sure that you’re getting what is rightly yours. A private detective service can help you to uncover the facts that support your case in legal disputes, and they’re equally useful for helping you to make decisions regarding your personal life.


About Us

At O&C Investigations, we’ve made it our goal to provide reliable and accurate private investigator and surveillance service to the people of Ogden, Utah and beyond – and we think that we’ve done an excellent job at this since our founding. We understand how important it is to remain discreet during our activities at all times, as the reveal of investigations going on can ultimately undermine the work that we’re doing. Confidentiality is assured at our company, so for those looking to hire a private investigator, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands.

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    Our Services

    ​Our private investigation services are comprehensive in nature, and full of utility for an array of situations. In the past, we’ve helped with locating missing persons, fraud investigation, divorce investigation, and so much more – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The majority of these situations involve delicate and sensitive information, and we’ll handle this with empathy and understanding – you’re not going to feel judged by our investigators. Naturally, we do our utmost to make sure that each and every one of our service provisions is as accessible as possible – we want to help as many people as we can, after all. We do this by setting out affordable, value-packed prices. If you have any such needs going forward, think of O&C Investigations.

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    Domestic and Infidelity

    If you’re in a situation where you suspect your partner is committing infidelity, it can be a crushing experience. The certainty, as much as any reality, is unbearable – and this is one of the reasons that you need to take decisive action. Whether your partner is cheating or not, at the end of the investigation process, you’ll have concrete answers. One way or another, you’ll be able to move on with your life.

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    Missing Persons

    At our company, we’ve helped with missing persons cases of a wide variety. Long lost loved ones, friends and family members that you’ve lost contact with, and even debtors who are trying to escape their financial obligations – we’ve assisted with investigations in all of these situations, and many more to boot. Our personal investigator teams are more than ready to uncover their locations, as well as their personal information.

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    Custody and Divorce Cases

    If you’re fighting for the custody of your children, there’s obviously a lot at stake. We can uncover information regarding your ex-partner’s living situation, finances, and general lifestyle to determine their suitability as guardians – and this might swing things in your favor. A lot of the same kind of information is obviously going to be pertinent in establishing a positive divorce settlement for you too.

    “I was thoroughly impressed by the work carried out by O&C Investigations during my time with them. They helped us to uncover substantial workplace fraud being carried out, and in the process they’ve saved us tens of thousands of dollars. We’ll certainly be using them again should the need arise.” – Daniel P.

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    “Professional, discreet, resourceful – as you can probably tell, I only have positive things to say about my service experience with O&C Investigations. I’m glad I can finally move on with my life after confirming my spouse was cheating. Not the outcome I wanted, but a great service nonetheless.” – Catherine A.

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    “I’m happy to report that O&C Investigations is a first class service – and well worth your time if you have any private investigation needs. I got all the information I needed to make my divorce proceedings straightforward, and highly favorable for me. A very easy recommendation.” – Lily F.

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    Adoption Investigations

    If you were adopted, there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll be interested in finding your biological family – but that’s not necessarily a straightforward matter. Our adoption investigation services can help you to locate them, and even find out information that can help you to assess whether you want to make contact with them after all. This gives you the chance to build a relationship with them, or just find out information that’s relevant to you and your own wellbeing.

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    Insurance and Fraud

    In the past, we’ve helped both companies and private individuals with fraud and insurance fraud cases, and this is an absolute must if you believe someone is taking advantage of you. There are usually signs that indicate this might be happening, but you’ll need more concrete evidence to prove your case – and that’s where our fraud and corporate investigator service comes in.

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    Civil Lawsuit Investigations

    For people involved in a civil lawsuit, it’s always worthwhile considering investing in a civil lawsuit investigation service. We’ll be able to come up with information and evidence that wouldn’t be found through typical discovery processes, and this might shift the balance of the case in your favor. We’re prepared to get involved in almost any kind of civil lawsuit situation, so if you’re dealing with this either now or in the future, reach out to us immediately.

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    Contact Us Today

    We believe that we offer the premier private investigation service in the Ogden, Utah region – and whether you’re looking for a background investigator, an infidelity investigation, or anything else, we’re ready to step in. Speak to our customer service team today for more information on the services that we carry and the prices that we charge, or to book in a consultation. They’re reachable via our main telephone number during our normal working hours, or through our online contact form. Both of these are accessible on our company website. Speak to them today, and make the best possible decision for you and your situation.